An oasis of tropical greens

Set in the botanical gardens of Parque Histórico, Hotel del Parque feels far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Explore this secluded haven of various ecosystems, restored 19th-century buildings, and cultural presentations along the banks of the hazy Daule River.


The natural areas, which recreate three different ecosystems over three hectares (7.4 acres), are home to aromatic and medicinal plants. The wildlife sanctuary shelters a spectrum of exotic creatures among the mangroves, from iguanas and crocodiles to giant harpy eagles and tiny spider monkeys.


The urban area of Parque Histórico offers a taste of Guayaquil’s past at every turn, with restored 19th-century buildings like the former Territorial Bank property and the former homes of some of the city’s wealthiest families. All of these buildings were rescued from demolition, as well as the fabulous period trams. 


Part of the eight hectares (19.7 acres) of Parque Histórico is dedicated to showcasing Guayaquil’s rich cultural heritage, from the vibrant folk dances and theatrical performances to the traditional sweet and tobacco vendors of centuries past. 


The park is set on the banks of the hazy Daule River, casting a golden light over the park at sundown. The Daule River joins the Babahoyo River approximately one mile from Parque Histórico to become the Guayas River, the most important river in South America that does not flow into the Atlantic Ocean.