The Best Massage Room in Guayaquil, Ecuador

For an exceptional treatment, guests can enjoy a luxurious massage in the wooden bell tower of the historic chapel, accompanied by a spectacular 360-degree view of the gardens – a unique spa experience that you will only find at Hotel del Parque.

Hotel del Parque Massage


Experience supreme relaxation with our 45-minute Aromatherapy Relax Massage!

In our peaceful bell tower, you’ll immerse yourself in a world of serenity and calm. Our expert cosmetologists use the highest quality essential oils and essences to create a truly rejuvenating aromatherapy experience.

For 45 minutes, you’ll receive an expert massage that focuses on relaxing both your mind and body. Our goal is for you to feel revitalized and rejuvenated, ready to face your daily challenges with a sense of inner peace.”


Treat yourself to an absolute relaxation experience with our 45-minute Hot Candle Massage. This unique treatment combines the soothing power of hot candles with the skill of our expert therapists.

Our hot candle products create a warm and tranquil atmosphere as they melt into a luxurious massage oil. This indulgent fusion of warm candlelight and expert therapist techniques will melt away stress and tension, leaving you deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

Masaje Hotel del Parque
Tejido Profundo


Indulge in a supreme relaxation experience with our Hot Stone Massage. Lasting 45 minutes, this treatment uses hot stones that won’t burn the guest to help relax through maneuvers focused on the lower back and spine.

Our carefully selected and heated stones are skillfully used to provide a unique wellness experience. Enjoy the fusion of gentle warmth and precise movements from our expert therapists, designed to release tension and restore harmony in your body and mind.