A pinch of Guayaquil’s history in every corner

The history of Hotel del Parque is one of kindness and hospitality. The building originally provided shelter for the homeless, the elderly, and the disabled. Today, having been carefully transported, piece by piece, from its original 1891 site, carefully renovated and placed in the Historic Park, it remains an example of refuge, surrounded by the peace of the natural world.

Meticulously transported and restored

The original structure

Formerly it was known as the Hospicio Corazón de Jesús. The property was built in 1891 by the oldest charitable institution in Guayaquil. It would be the first hospice in the city, and its founders, Manuel Galecio and his wife, Mrs. Jesús Pereira, declared that it should only give shelter to homeless, elderly or disabled men and women.

The renovation

Condemned to be demolished in the 1980s, the property was acquired by the Central Bank of Ecuador and moved, piece by piece, to its current location in the Historical Park. There, it was meticulously restored along with three other heritage buildings. The Hotel del Parque staff undertook the renovation of the façade, transforming it, with great care and tenacity, from an old construction to the luxurious property of today. Designer Julio Vinueza was inspired by the property’s Republican architecture to create the sophisticated interiors.