A Taste of Guayaquil’s Past at Every Turn

Hotel del Parque’s story is one of pioneering kindness and hospitality. The building originally offered shelter only to the homeless, elderly, and disabled. Today, having been gently transported board-by-board from its original 1891 site, thoughtfully renovated, and placed in Parque Historico, it continues to be a example of comfort, now set in the peace of the natural world.

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Meticulously Moved and Restored

The Original Structure

Formerly named Hospício Corazón de Jesús, the property was built in 1891 by Guayaquil’s oldest charity in a location in the center of the metropolis. It would be the first hospice in the city, and its founder, Mr. Julián Coronel, stated that it must give shelter only to the homeless, the elderly, and the disabled of both sexes.

The Regeneration

Facing demolition in the 1980s, the property was bought by the Central Bank of Ecuador and moved board-by-board to its current site in Parque Histórico. There, it was meticulously restored alongside three other heritage buildings. The Hotel del Parque team took over the renovation of the facade, lovingly transforming it from a shell of a building into the luxurious property of today. Designer Julio Vinueza was inspired by the property’s Republican-era architecture in his creation of the sophisticated interiors.