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Why visiting Guayaquil - Ecuador?

April 21, 2020 Stephanie Frias
Las Penas casas multicolores en Guayaquil

Why visiting Guayaquil - Ecuador? 

Guayaquil, officially Santiago de Guayaquil, is the largest and the most welcoming city in Ecuador, as well as that nation's main port and one of the main South American ports in the Pacific. Guayaquil is located on the western bank of the Guayas River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Guayaquil. Because of its location, the city is an important center of commerce with regional influence in areas of business, finance, culture and entertainment.

Guayaquil offers travelers a surprising number of sights and activities. It boasts museums, historic neighborhoods, sprawling parks and waterfront strips, carved by the rivers and estuaries, which find their outlet to the sea. Guayaquil offers visitors a blend of nature, history, and tradition. A proud city of the tropics where foreigners are well received, music rules and seafood is a must.

If you are planning to visit the Galapagos Islands, Guayaquil is the smartest place to take a flight from. Guayaquil is the closest point from Ecuadorian mainland to the Galapagos, an all the domestic flights do stopover in Guayaquil to get refuel and pick up more passengers.

white beach full of sea lions in the Galapagos islands

Guayaquil's airport was awarded to be one of the best airports in South America, is open 24 hours and offers connections to every country in South America also have nonstop flights to Europe and the USA. In the main terminal on arrival there are several eateries to choose from including a few international chains.

It's also a lot more convenient to fly from Guayaquil to Galapagos or Lima, because it is at sea level and tourists do not get the high-altitude sickness. It is also easier to get to Cuenca if you are travelling there overland and finally the airport is very close to downtown, so you can star enjoying this beautiful city the as soon as you arrive.


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