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Visiting the Parque Histórico in Guayaquil

May 05, 2020 Stephanie Frias
Banco Territorial in the Parque Histórico in Guayaquil

Parque Histórico (Historic Park)

 Parque historico was built it in 1997 on the banks of the Guayas River as a theme park of 8 hectares with educational, cultural, environmental, recreational and tourist purposes. It is aimed to exhibit the history and culture of the old province of Guayaquil that emerged at the end of the colonial times and the beginning of the republican life of the country between the XIX and XX centuries, which occupied almost all of the Ecuadorian coast including the existing provinces of Los Rios, El Oro and part of Manabí.

The site also recreates the architecture, traditions and the urban and rural life of the Guayaquil of those times, mixed with a beautiful natural park full of a diverse vegetation that form different natural and wildlife areas with their respective flora and fauna.

The Hotel del Parque benefits from its exclusive setting within the Parque Historico Guayaquil. 


 The visitors can get a taste of the geopolitical context of the old days; since the park recreates different habitats in which the people of the old province of Guayaquil used to develop their activities, such as the woods, the countryside and the city, which is closely related to the so called “Golden Age” of the main port of Ecuador, whose principal activity was the commercialization of cocoa.

The visitor can appreciate the history of Guayaquil in three defined areas:

1) Wildlife Area: it comprises approximately four hectares and recreates the natural habitat of more than 50 species between birds, mammals and other animals that turned the woods into their natural habitat, some of which are in danger of extinction.