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Malecon 2000

June 16, 2020
Malecon 2000

Simón Bolívar Pier


This urban park, filled with nature, history, tradition and modern beauty is a touristic attraction that has a length of 2,5 kilometers (26 blocks). Visitors can find gardens, artificial lagoons, water fountains, viewpoints, docks, squares and historical monuments like The Rotunda Hemicycle, Moorish Tower, Aurora Gloriosa (Glorious Dawn) and the statue of Olmedo. As well as museums, movie theatres, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, food courts, playgrounds, a crafts market and all of the attractions, services and commodities that a tourist needs to enjoy a tour through the city. It also offers tours through the Guayas River in which the city can be seen from another geographic point, within an imposing natural environment of great beauty.

Crafts Marker of the Pier

Its location gives an ambiance of beauty due to its natural surroundings, since it is near the Guayas River and close to an area of gardens, trees, and contemplation and rest spaces. 

Its main attraction, on a touristic level, are 24 stores that offer good prices, it has several crafts that depict the national folklore crafted by hand by Ecuadorian artisans in materials such as cloth, wood, leather, ceramic, stone, tagua, glass, balsa wood, toquilla straw, steel, copper, among others.

Go over Simon Bolivar Pier and enjoy of:

·         Its big group of sculptures with a length of 2.5 km

·         You can do your shopping in the Malecon 2000 mall

·         Visit the craft market located in the south wing

·         Visit the renewed South Market (Cristal Palace)

·         The beautiful gardens and fountains

·         The exercises zone and the Safari Park for the kids

The Ferris Wheel "La Perla", offers an entertaining ride for tourists, who can admire the city from the top. With 57 meters high it is the highest wheel of South America, and is located in the northern part of the Simon Bolivar Pier. The wheel completes its journey in 12 minutes.

  •          Rides for the Guayas River on board of the Henry Morgan boat.
  •          Rides for the Guayas river on fiber boats.
  •          Travel the city in Guayaquil vision bus
  •          Visit the museums located in the Simon bolivar pier
  •          miniature museum “Guayaquil in the history
  •          Anthropological museum and contemporary art (Maac)
  •          Enjoy a movie or a documentary in the malecon cinema   

Firefighters Museum

Firefighter museum in Guayaquil


There is an exhibition inside the museum that presents old water pumps, tools, uniforms and awards, besides valuable oil paintings and portraits of the Fire Department Commanders. Also, animal-drawn carts from the end of the XX century until the modern vehicles of today.

 A water fountain from 1902 can be appreciated in the small square of the museum. Another attraction is a semicircle that houses the busts of the chiefs of the Fire Department.

Santa Ana Port

Santa Ana Port in Guayaquil


It Is a touristic building complex of 4 hectares formed by several office buildings, commercial shops, apartments, squares, museums and a pier that borders the Guayas river.

It is surrounded by a natural landscape since is located in front of the Guayas River; it has a modern architecture with a building constructed in the same place where the silos of the National Brewery used to be located, which maintains its original design.  There is the Pilsener Square in which several artistic events take place and also the museums that pay tribute to Julio Jaramillo, the Beer industry and Barcelona Sporting Club.

Civic Square

Civic square in Guayaquil


The Civic Square comprises famous monuments like the Rotunda Hemicycle to Bolivar and San Martin, the Moorish Tower (public clock), the President`s Walkway (monuments to former presidents from Guayaquil) and also peculiar sculptures like the Wild Boar. It’s the home of two traditional Clubs: The Naval Club and the Yacht Club that have been incorporated to the project respecting their access and private requirements. The Square also has four sculptures that evoke popular culture and represent the four elements of nature (earth, air, fire and water), two of them transformed into viewpoints, which provide the visitor a privileged view of the city and its surroundings. There is also an esplanade with a series of water fountains that create an exceptional environment at night.

 One of its main architectonic attractions is a great portion of its area (approximately 10 thousand square meters) that was reclaimed from the river by a reinforced concrete base, on a pilot foundation, which approaches the city to its quite river.

Olmedo Square

Olmedo Square in Guayaquil

The square pays tribute to Jose Joaquin de Olmedo, hero of Guayaquil, former mayor of the city and precursor of the Revolution of October 9, 1820.

The monument is placed within a group of cylindrical water fountains and next to the traditional Union Club, meeting place of Guayaquil’s society, founded in 1869. The Square has several viewpoints and a terrace in front of the river that connects with other places of the Pier through a pedestrian wooden bridge. Benches have been placed along the corridors for the people to rest, and next to them giant skylights that give the place a maritime style.

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