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Las Peñas Neighborhood

May 19, 2020
Las Peñas neighborhood in Guayaquil

Las Peñas Neighborhood(Heritage)


With more than 400 years old, Las Peñas was the first neighborhood of Guayaquil, which took its name from the cliffs and limestone rocks that formed the Hill back then when the Spanish settled in the XV century. In 1982 the neighborhood was declared Cultural Heritage of Ecuador and between 2002 and 2008, the place was restored and regenerated by the Municipality of Guayaquil.

This neighborhood, born in Colonial times, was destroyed in several occasions by the fires that assailed the city. The fact that the neighborhood was rebuilt in times of the Republic alienated its colonial style. 

It has a unique architectonic style and is a spectacular place for being located at the hill and in front of the river, also for its colorful and romantic appearance of narrow and cobbled streets with a bohemian ambiance.

Diego Noboa Staircase

Diego Noboa Staircase in Guayaquil

The staircases are one of the favorite tourist destinations because it has symbolic places of the culture of Guayaquil, besides entertainment places.

It starts at the foot of the hill and end at the top. It is formed by 444 numbered stairs in which the tourists can find squares, roundabouts, museums, a chapel, a lighthouse, art galleries, craft shops, Internet coffee places, bars and restaurants.

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