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Discover the different cocoa routes in Guayaquil

July 21, 2020
Cocoa experience

Cocoa Route

Guayaquil is the center of cocoa economy par excellence, since cocoa was the key to its economic growth for more than 400 years; a product already exported during colonial times. Currently, Guayaquil continues to be the center point for its convergence and commerce.  The route begins in the coastal city of Guayaquil and according to the preference of tourists, five one-day tours are offered.

Cocoa experience in Guayaquil

Guayaquil – Balao Camino Verde is a renowned cocoa plantation for being a Research and Development Center of flavor profiles and fermentation techniques.

Guayaquil – El Deseo This route has two components: the orchard managed traditionally by its owners, and the Collection Fermentation, Drying and Storage of grains Center of the association.

Guayaquil – Milagro  Vitaliano Sarabia is the name of an organic farm of massive production of cocoa clones of national variety and high productivity. The grains are grown in differentiated parcels with an organized handling that has turned the farm into a model of recognition to know and follow.

Guayaquil – Naranjal  The farm Querida Virgina is part of the scientific and technical route; it is the ideal place to learn the knowledge of farming Cocoa. A farmer and independent cocoa investigator that has turned his farm into a real investigation center with important results. Also, in a rocky area of Naranjal, place used for his continual expeditions, he selects ancient wild trees to find the materials that tolerate sickness in order to go forward in his investigation. 

Guayaquil – Taura The main and neighboring farms show cocoa trees, national clones of high production; also, the visitor can appreciate the natural environment created by fruit trees and huge timbers trees in which several seasonal and native birds nest.

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