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Discover the different cocoa routes in Guayaquil

July 21, 2020
Cocoa experience
Cocoa Route Guayaquil is the  center of cocoa economy  par excellence, since cocoa was the key to its economic growth for more than 400 years; a product already exported during colonial times. Currently, Guayaquil continues to be the center point for its convergence and commerce.  The route begins in the coastal city of ...
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The route of the seven churches

July 07, 2020
Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil
The route of the seven churches Guayaquil is a city that has expressed its spirituality through culture, religion, art and traditions. Since its establishment and settlement at the foot of the Cerrito Verde in 1540, there were several Religious Orders that built temples and chapels. The name of Santiago de Guayaquil comes from ...
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What to do in Guayaquil – Ecuador ?

June 30, 2020 Francisco Baca
Guayaquil during the night
Santay Island National Recreational Area Access:  the visitor can access the Island by foot, by bicycle or by the river. The access for pedestrians and bicycles is through a bridge located in Guayaquil, in El Oro Street, next to the river. The tourists can take boats that are ...
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Malecon 2000

June 16, 2020
Malecon 2000
Simón Bolívar Pier History This urban park, filled with nature, history, tradition and modern beauty is a touristic attraction that has a length of 2,5 kilometers (26 blocks). Visitors can find gardens, artificial lagoons, water fountains, viewpoints, docks, squares and historical monuments like The Rotunda Hemicycle, Moorish Tower, ...
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Las Peñas Neighborhood

May 19, 2020
Las Peñas neighborhood in Guayaquil
Las Peñas Neighborhood(Heritage) History With more than 400 years old , Las Peñas was the first neighborhood of Guayaquil , which took its name from the cliffs and limestone rocks that formed the Hill back then when the Spanish settled in the XV century. In 1982 the neighborhood ...
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