Hotel del Parque’s Perfect Location in Guayaquil

Guayaquil is now known as the home of the most gregarious and fun-loving Ecuadorians with a melting pot of European and Latin American cultures. Samborondón, the lush and exclusive neighbourhood where Hotel del Parque is located, is the home of the city’s elite. Hotel del Parque’s location also makes us the perfect starting point for those traveling to The Galapagos Islands.

Near the Airport and Popular Attractions

Hotel del Parque’s location just 10 minutes from Guayaquil’s International Airport means you enter our tropical paradise once your flight has landed. And during your stay, you are in a wonderful place to easily access area attractions such as the colourful Las Peñas neighbourhood, Catedral Metropolitana de Guayaquil, Isla Santay, and the Museo Antropológico y de Arte Contemporáneo.

When you’re ready to venture outside the seclusion of our hotel grounds, there is much to see and do. Take time to explore Ecuador’s “four worlds” of attractions and experiences. The colonial city of Cuenca, the stunning “Avenue of the Volcanoes,” rides aboard the historic railroad, or the pristine beaches along the Pacific Coast’s “Ruta del Sol” lie within easy reach. Further, still remarkably close, the biodiverse wonders of the Amazon extend east of the Andes.

Don’t hesitate to ask one of our knowledgeable staff members about how best to travel anywhere as well as about any of the attractions listed here.

Las Peñas, 6.4 km – Local neighborhood with unique architectonic style known for its colorful and narrow and cobbled streets and romantic, bohemian ambiance.

Malecón 2000, 7 km – A beautiful riverfront promenade with green areas and modern shopping arcades. 

Museo Del Bombero, 7.3 km – This museum has historical importance as Guayaquil has a past of a series of fires that destroyed the city on several occasions. It honors the heroes who came to our aid.


Iglesia San Francisco, 7.4 km – A sacred site and one of the symbols of the Catholic faith, strong in the city. 

Parque Centenario, 7.5 km – A square which follows the traditional architectural line of the layout of the Sacred Forests of Classical Greece, this area has several attractions, among which are worthy sets of statuary surrounded by beautiful gardens. 

Parque de las Iguanas / Seminario Park, 7.7 km – Parque Seminario thrills visitors with its clusters of dinosaur-like iguanas hanging off the trees. 

Isla Santay, 10.6 km – This island is accessible by a foot/bike bridge. Its ring of mangrove trees is a testament to the island’s ongoing relationship with the river and our waterfowl habitat.

Jardín Botánico, 16.3 km - These botanical gardens have approximately 324 vegetal species that can be observed in its natural habitat, as well as wood trees, fruit trees, and ornamental and exotic plants. 

Museo Antropológico y de Arte Contemporáneo – The modern MAAC, a museum of anthropology and archaeology that hosts a superb collection of pre-Colombian pieces and videos showing artistic techniques of early peoples.

Guayaquil Attractions

Museo del Cacao y Chocolate, 600 m – The Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate facility in the Parque Historico.

Teatro Sanchez Aguilar, 650m – Local theater featuring concerts and entertainment for visitors to the area.

Museo El Fortín Del Cerro Santa Ana, 5.9 km – An open-air museum displaying 21 preserved objects dating from the 16th century and others from the modern era to the 20th century. 

Museo De Los Equipos Del Astillero, 6.2 km – The museum pays homage to the two most popular soccer teams in Guayaquil, Barcelona Sporting Club and Emelec, the greatest rivalry in Ecuador!